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Regency bonnet on a budget

For our Parramatta Park high tea I wanted a Regency bonnet I could do quickly and cheaply to match my lilac coloured Regency gown. I based mine off this blog.

I started with a straw hat that I got from a $2 shop. Got the flowers from the same place too and I’m tempted to make some more hats just so I can go back there and get some more flowers.lilac_bonnet1

I cut a section off the brim of the bonnet and hand sewed some gathered fabric. In hindsight, I probably should have used more fabric and I will next time. Don’t make the same mistake I did.lilac_bonnet3

After that I attached some ribbon around the edge with a hot glue gun and covered my mistakes there with some lace. lilac_bonnet4

I then finished it off with some more ribbon. Several layers of some translucent mauve ribbon and some more ribbon on top to tie it on. Then the flowers, tying them together with some more ribbon and lace.lilac_bonnet5

I was quite satisfied with the results but I’m sure I can do better next time.