Day: July 4, 2017

French 18th Century court dress – Part 4

Once the bodice was done, I was in the home stretch for the gown!

Firstly, it needed more support in the undergarments. I changed the petticoat to have quilted panels down the bottom to better support the weight of the skirt. The quilted fabric I got from the charity fabric shop, it reeked heavily of mothballs and had to be washed thoroughly to get the smell out.

After that I managed to finish the dress relatively quickly once I got the fabric, all in all I estimate about 15 metres of jacquard fabric went into this dress!

At this stage I still have a little way to go, need some more metallic trim and I need the proper stays (corset) to properly finish it off. I will post more when I have more updates about the construction of the stays.



French 18th Century Court Dress – part 3

I found some lovely silver trim at a charity fabric shop near me, unfortunately it meant that it would be impossible to get more. The trim did a very good job of hiding the overlocker stitching as well as breaking up the fabric pattern. This was all hand-stitching with invisible thread.

Then had the problem of finding more trim that was similar, not an easy task! I managed to locate some in the UK through Ebay, it wasn’t exactly alike but I thought it was about as good as I was going to get.

The next task was to do the bodice, which I had to do some modifications. Firstly, it did not seem to be made for particularly big busted people so I would need to make it bigger. Secondly, I wanted to make it more authentic by having the stomacher detatchable.

The first one was fairly simply, I cut pattern pieces out of some fabric scraps and used my mannequin to construct the rest as I would need it. I highly recommend getting one if you are a costumer! It is so good to be able to see your work as it will look on you!

After that the bodice was easy to create.

To make the stomacher detatchable was even simpler. I cut two of the pattern piece in calico and used American Duchess’ suggestion of cable ties for boning. I know there are other things you can use that are more authentic, but you can get these very long and very easily.

Once it was covered with my fabric, I added the trims and some ties so it can be pinned on.

So, here it is all together!

Next time, finishing it all up!