French 18th Century court dress – Part 2

What I love about the 18th century fashions is all the little details that make up the whole garment. This means trims and for this dress, lot and lots of box pleats.

This tutorial was very helpful in working out the box pleats. In the end all I needed was a ruler, a pencil, a hot iron and a lot of pins. To get the right amount of fabric for the pleats I went from a ration from 1:3. This meant I had to cut, baste and overlock about six metres of fabric all up so there would be enough for the pleats.


This first set of pleats were 5cm wide. They were, mostly, to cover the stitches of the extra panel I had added to the hem. But when I attached them I liked how they looked so much that I decided to add some more smaller ones for the very bottom of the skirt.


This next set of pleats I made smaller. Only 2cm wide. A bit more difficult to make them smaller, but it was good practice as I do plan to make some more of the same size for the overskirt.


Attaching the pleated trim to the skirt gave it a weight and drape that I really liked. It also made it clear that the skirt needed more support than it had from the fairly lightweight petticoat. More petticoats was the answer, probably.versaillles_dress8versaillles_dress9

Next up, some metallic trim to hide those ugly overlocking edges!

  • Julie Smithson

    HI Melissa - so great to see your creative talents!!! Dad sent me the link and we are very proud of what you are doing - well done - you look great!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Patricia Nolan

    Very good work Melissa. You have suc h a talent.

  • Patricia Nolan

    Very good work Melissa. You have such a talent.

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